2015 Toyota Prius News And Spy Photos

2015 Toyota Prius Badge

The Toyota Prius is without a doubt the best idea to come out of the Japanese car market. Without this vehicle, they would have never stood at the top of the automobile market, not even for a second.

To put the growth tale that is the Prius into perspective, In the first 3 full years of sales, they delivered approximately 15,000 automobiles in Japan. However currently, they make about 20 times that for the domestic market, 10 times for the United States and who understands how many worldwide.

2015 Toyota Prius News

The Prius has actually branched out into MPV and subcompact sections, trickled down into suvs and sedans. The core model is exactly what we’re actually thrilled to see. We are sure that many buyers will be quite satisfied with what this vehicle has to offer.

The Prius fuel economy has improved on average by about 10 % each generation, and Toyota is rumored to make the next one a 55 mpg car, and no, we’re not talking about a plug-in hybrid.

Not much is find out about the new 2015 Toyota Prius, however it will be based upon Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), with improved lightness and aerodynamics.

Spy Photos Of 2015 Prius

Such a car has actually to be designed in a wind tunnel, but a unique blend of elements define a Toyota hybrid in terms of design. This rendering by Rm. Design could give us a hint as to what’s going on however. A combination of elements from the current model and the new Toyota Corolla are visible here, and even though it might seem strange, there is sound reasoning behind this Photoshop creation.

Toyota’s Keen Look design language has to be respected, and so do the “aero” proportion of an efficient car, so this could be what the 2015 Toyota Prius will look like, 2 even more years from now.

2015 Toyota Prius

Source: Rm.Design

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